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“VCDS Device not found” error
Check if your VCDS device is connected to your PC's USB port.
-Note : This error also occurs when VagCom drivers are not installed. Drivers come with VagCom software.
“Please connect VCDS device”
Check if yout VCDS device is connected to Car's ODB-II connector.
-Note : This error can also occur on a flat battery.
“No communication with dashboard”
Possible causes :
  • Ignition switch is not set to ON;
  • Dashboard version is not supported;
  • Flat battery;
How to update?
Go to „Help & Support“ tab;
Find button “Check for software updates” and click it;
Follow on screen instructions.

After successful update you get message :

„Download Complete The program will now shut down automatically Restart program manually“

Your program folder will be displayed. Then :
  • Step 1 : Find file : „Program name.rar“
  • Step 2 : Open archive and find a program executable file.
  • Step 3 : Extract the executable to your program folder.
Now you can use your updated program.
-Note : If an update is available notification is displayed on the bottom-right of program window